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Psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and groups

Working with an experienced, licensed clinical psychologist, who is able to support you is a powerful experience. What should a person look for when seeking professional help? One who takes notice of assumptions, clarifies certain patterns and then poses questions designed to provide a richer and more meaningful life experience. Although no perfect remedy, the practice of psychotherapy helps us recognize how family and our social circumstances shape and affect us. It provides a language to discuss important and oftentimes difficult topics in a safe and confidential environment. By helping us better understand our human condition, we learn to address significant life changes such as aging, death, and the many facets of intimacy with a clearer perspective.

No matter how much we prepare, life has a way of reminding us we have very little control over the people, places and environments surrounding us. We do, however, have full control over how we react to the situations in which we find ourselves. Behavioral patterns that may have worked at one time may later lead to confusion and hardship. A trained professional who is able to understand and provide appropriate support is crucial to dealing with, and moving beyond, life’s challenges.

The presenting issues I have treated include: addiction, anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders, substance use/abuse/dependence, family conflicts, personality disorders, self-esteem issues, sexual issues, LGBTQIA concerns, behavioral issues, coping problems, divorce, eating disorders, infertility, loss and grief, relationships troubles (peer or romantic), self-harming behaviors, spirituality struggles, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. I also facilitate career counseling and life coaching sessions, and am qualified to conduct multiple-battery assessments, specific testing and/or evaluations.

It’s my intention to focus on the various aspects of love, work, and play when treating individuals, couples and groups.


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